‘Soho is a fashion hub, full of people who appreciate our style. It’s a brilliant place for us’

We are located in Soho, an eclectic and vibrant part of London’s West End, ideal for our clients from TV, film, theatre, media and fashion – as well as from all other walks of life. Soho is a fashion hub, full of people who appreciate our style. It’s a brilliant place for us to be.

‘As well as being friendly, our store is calm and peaceful. This helps clients feel relaxed when choosing their glasses’

Our staff are highly experienced professionals. Although they will give expert advice on spectacle sizes and shapes, they know the bottom line is that glasses should reflect the personality of the wearer. They always take the time to really try to understand each customer, so that they have full confidence in their decisions.

We have a great passion for beautiful eyewear. Our store is full of fantastic, hand-picked frames and sunglasses from the world’s very best optical designers. We learnt very early on that if our glasses didn’t excite us, they wouldn’t excite our customers.