Bertie Hudson

The Eye Company’s own range. Stylish, retro-classics. Designed by Steenie in Soho, then beautifully hand-crafted in Italy.


Internationally acclaimed eyewear. Legendary for quality, look and fit. Absolutely the best possible attention to detail.


The credo was no compromises, five models the beginning, and music the means of transport.


Coblens is excellence.


One of the leading brands for titanium eyewear.

Face à Face

Fun and more fun from Paris. Includes 50’s and ultra-feminine cat-eye shapes, and fab 80’s oversized spectacle designs.

Garrett Leight

Classic eyewear by a young Californian company, passionate about design. Great attention to detail and very affordable.


Traditional craftsmanship with a certain uniqueness, for people who love shapes, structure and colours.


Wow! The most exciting eyewear in years. Made-to -measure, 3D printed, super-modern titanium. First shown in the UK by us.


Each pair of HUG eyewear is created through a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and over 100 steps of manual craft.

Jacques Marie Mage

Designed in Hollywood, handcrafted in Japan, high-quality, limited-edition, luxury frames charged with sophistication and wit.


Entirely handmade in Italy by expert artisans, using traditional methods of production for a resistant and long lasting product.


Lazare Studio asserts its identity in a certain classic style, resurrecting quaint spectacle designs refreshed with a contemporary touch.

Lucas De Stael

Expertly crafted by designers, jewelers and artists. These handmade frames blend traditional crafting with unexpected materials.


All MASAHIROMARUYAMA frames are made in the Fukui prefecture of Japan where the history of eyewear manufacturing has developed over a century.


Sleek, minimal designs from Japan. Excellence is the signature and has been for since 1905.


Artisanal eyewear painstakingly crafted by hand in Japan. The culmination of 45 years of design history and heritage.

Mr Leight

Effortlessly stylish designs inspired by the laid-back, otherworldly Hollywood vibe of the 80s, all free spirit and promise.


German spectacle design at its audacious best. Flamboyant charm, chic flair, and sophisticated, laid-back elegance.


The cutting edge. Designed in Denmark, made with titanium. Premium quality, inventive design and innovative colours.


RAPP Eyewear is the Canadian excellence, mixing sheets of crazy acetates with resistant and light titanium.