Bertie Hudson

The Eye Company’s own range. Stylish, retro-classics. Designed by Steenie in Soho, then beautifully hand-crafted in Italy.

Garrett Leight

Classic eyewear by a young Californian company, passionate about design. Great attention to detail and very affordable.


The cutting edge. Designed in Denmark, made with titanium. Premium quality, inventive design and innovative colours.


German spectacle design at its audacious best. Flamboyant charm, chic flair, and sophisticated, laid-back elegance.

Thom Browne

The only fashion brand we stock. Signature aesthetics from 40’s, 50’s and 60’s retro-motifs. Made by DITA, to exacting standards


Entirely handmade in Italy by expert artisans, using traditional methods of production for a resistant and long lasting product.


Internationally acclaimed eyewear. Legendary for quality, look and fit. Absolutely the best possible attention to detail.

Face à Face

Fun and more fun from Paris. Includes 50’s and ultra-feminine cat-eye shapes, and fab 80’s oversized spectacle designs.


Elegant, classic sophistication of design. Traditional eyewear craftsmanship, but incorporating the latest techniques.


Wow! The most exciting eyewear in years. Made-to -measure, 3D printed, super-modern titanium. First shown in the UK by us.

Francis Klein

Hand-made in France, for the ladies. Creative shapes include 1950’s cat-eye, in breathtaking, special colours. Deservedly famous.

Clayton Franklin

Purist, minimalist and superior engineering from Japan. Sunglasses in this collection made to our unique specification.